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Speed Limiter Devices


It is well known all over the world that driving too fast is one of the biggest causes of road accidents in Nigeria, and the higher the speed at which a road traffic accident occurs the greater risk of severe injury and the tragic loss of life.

With this in mind, the FRSC has made it mandatory that speed limiting devices (SLDs) be fitted in all commercial vehicles effective 1st September, 2015. With this in mind, XNet working with our partners overseas has been able to source some of the most advanced manufacturers of speed control technology to both supply their technology to Nigeria, and to train our engineers on how to correct install SLDs in all makes and models of commercial vehicle.

Our SLDs have been proven in some of the most challenging operating environments in both Africa and Asia, and beyond delivering accurate control of road speed they have also been shown to improve vehicle safety, reduced fuel consumption, reduced vehicle wear and tear, reduced maintenance expenses, reduced loss of cargo, and reduced carbon dioxide emissions.

In line with the enforcement of road speed limiters on all commercial vehicles operating in Nigeria, we are proud to introduce the SpeedEye road speed limiters into the Nigerian market. Our product is SON certified, and we’ve been tested & licensed by the FRSC to install speed limiters nationwide.

Our supplier has been involved in the manufacture of sped limiters for over 15 years and have to date been involved in the production of more than 62,000 units. Their speed limiters are highly engineered, and have a hard earned reputation for both reliability and impeccably high standards. In the tough Kenyan environment they are renown for their hassle free installations and operations. All installations come with professional indemnity insurance, and an optional three year manufacturers warranty is available.

What is a Speed Limiter Device (SLD)?

A road speed limiter means a device whose primary function is to control the fuel feed to the engine, in order to limit the vehicle speed to a preset value

What type of SLD?

Direct Fuel Flow Control System: The ECU controls the solenoid valve and adjusts the fuel flow towards the engine to limit the speed below the set value.A specially designed fuel bye-pass ensures that the fuel limiting process is both smooth and precise. A variation on this type is to use a relay switch to control the fuel pump

Electronic Pedal Interface: The electronic pedal interface reads the pedal voltage and if the vehicles speed is exceeding the set value, it adjusts the values before sending it to the vehicle engines ECM.The electronic pedal interface is connected in between the accelerator pedal and the engines ECM

Advantages of SLDs

    • Saves lives & property
      In an emergency, because the vehicle is travelling at a reduced speed, the driver will have more control over the vehicle, and in the event of an accident, the reduced speed will lead to fewer severe injuries and tragic loss of lives, and less damage to goods and property
    • Improves the fuel economy of the vehicles
      As the vehicle is obliged to operate at a lower speed, fuel consumption is correspondingly reduced
    • Increases engine life and reduced operating costs
      Control of the vehicles speed means less braking, fewer vibrations, reduced engine strain, less wear and tear, altogether a smoother performance


Advantages of SpeedEye

  • Precise control of the vehicles speed using the latest intelligent micro controller system
  • A smooth, jerk free control action
  • Long life
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Easy to install
  • Designed and developed as per AIS 018, GSO and EEC 92/24
  • It is suitable for a wide range of vehicles
  • Tested for continuous running of more than 200,000 cycles
  • Tested and proved successful under very severe and harsh environmental conditions including vibration & impact resistance, and high humidity
  • Ideal for all climatic conditions
  • Constant monitoring and governing of speed
  • Via the inbuilt speed recorder, there is the provision for checking the set speed limit at any time



To comply with FRSC regulations your SLD will need to be both calibrated and certified on an annual basis. XNet have been operating in the vehicle tracking market for the past eleven years and we’re certain that we’ll be around for the next eleven years to support both your SLDs and vehicle tracking solutions. Our SLDs come with a standard 1 year manufacturers warranty that can be extended to a 3 year manufacturers warranty

When choosing an SLD service provider it is important that you select a company with a long pedigree. Making the wrong choice could mean that in a year or two you have to buy a complete new set of SLDs, due to your original SLD service provider having exited the market! We’ve been NCC licensed to track vehicles for eleven years, and we can assure you that we’ll be around for a very long time to come!

We offer a SON certified product, and we are a FRSC tested and licensed installer


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