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Personal/Object Tracking

According to the 2010 National Crime and Safety Survey undertaken by the Cleen Foundation, 24.1% of Nigerians can expect to have a phone stolen and another 5% – 10% can expect to lose their phones and not have it recovered or returned to them. These staggering percentages mean that over one third of Nigerians can expect to have a phone lost or stolen in any one year. And once lost or stolen the chances of ever recovering the phone is practically zero.

The problems of crime do not stop there. 5% of Nigerians can also expect to be a victim of a robbery either in or out of their car, whilst using some form of public transport, in their home or place of work or at place they are visiting socially. During these robberies other possessions alongside their phones are also stolen, and once again the chances of ever recovering the stolen items are practically zero.

Unfortunately it doesn’t end there. For people of even moderate affluence and their close relatives, some parts of Nigeria are now ‘no go’ areas due to the ever present fear of kidnapping. If they do visit these parts they literally sneak in and sneak out so as to not alert potential kidnappers to their presence.

XNet Introduces the PhoneSecure – Guardian
With PhoneSecure Guardian we are now able to go a long way in combating these menaces. PhoneSecure Guardian is an application that can ONLY be installed on the handset with the explicit permission of the owner. However once installed, it is practically undetectable and can only be removed from the phone with the permission of the owner.

Once installed the owner and their nominated next of kin are able to easily go online via the internet and track the location of the subscribed handset from anywhere in the world and view a log of the phones movement (if activated) over the past 180 days. In the event of the handset being either lost, stolen or the user of the handset being kidnapped/missing, it becomes relatively straightforward to locate and recover the lost or stolen handset, the missing person and by definition the location of the kidnappers.

Another key feature of PhoneSecure Guardian is that it turns the handset into a panic button. So in the event of an emergency, by holding down a specific key on your numeric keypad for a few seconds, you will send an SMS alert to up to four nominated persons as well as to the XNet 24/7 Control Centre. This SMS will contain precise data of your present location and an SOS that you are in trouble and require emergency assistance. Please note however that in order for this service to work, there must be a minimum of N30 credit left on your phone.

You can also geo-fence and ‘time’ curfew the handset so that if it breaches the terms of the curfew and the geo-fence, an emergency SMS alert is sent. For example if the phone leaves Victoria Island/Ikoyi after 8pm, or if the phone is not back in the place of normal residence after 10pm, then an SMS alert is sent to the four nominated emergency contacts.

Using our state of the art Control Panel, multiple PhoneSecure Guardian subscribed handsets can be managed from a single account making it ideal for organizations and heads of families.

With these features PhoneSecure Guardian can be useful in a number of scenarios, including:

  • Recovering a lost or stolen phone.
  • Finding a missing or kidnapped person.
  • Monitoring the movement and activities of remote lone working employees and providing them with the right level of management and support.
  • Providing your family and loved ones access to a 24/7 Emergency Contact Point.

The location data is then received as an SMS by mobile phone or sent to our dedicated tracking software and displayed on a detailed map via our website accessed over the internet, allowing you to access this information from any internet enabled PC.

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